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About Us

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Tami Kellar, Owner

Tami Kellar is the owner of JUMP Infant Aquatics, LLC.  From a very young age, Tami and her family enjoyed the water.  In 5th grade, Tami started competitive swimming and went on to swim club, high school and college.  As most swimmers do, Tami became a lifeguard and swim instructor at the age of 15. Through college Tami coached swim team and taught private swim lessons at the Balboa Bay Club and Newport Shores, in Newport Beach, CA, Mesa Versa Country Club and Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA.  In 2005 Tami started working for the YMCA in Albany, Oregon as the Aquatic Director and Swim Coach of the Tiger Sharks Swim Team.  Even when Tami moved on to other roles in the YMCA, Tami kept aquatics close to her heart. 

Tami holds a bachelor's degree in social and behavioral science from Linfield College, has 35+ years of aquatics experience and holds numerous certifications.  In early 2021 Tami spent six weeks in Longmont, Colorado being trained as a Survival Swim Instructor. Tami has also been trained as a YMCA and Red Cross swim instructor. Tami holds Lifeguarding (LG), Lifeguard Instructor (LGI), Lifeguard Instructor Trainer (LGIT), ASCA Level 2 Swim Coach, CPR, AED, First Aid, Safety Training for Swim Coaches, YMCA Competitive Swimming & Diving certifications and is a YMCA Stroke Turn Judge as well as a Certified Pool Operator (CPO).

Tami's passion and love for the water and swimming is tangible, and shows in each lesson she teaches. Her experience teaching swimming spans deep and wide. Tami believes a new world of aquatic possibilities open to those that are strong, confident swimmers and recently wrote a book with her daughter titled "The Things You Can Do When You Learn How To Swim."   

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Brandi Beck-Scott
Brandi Beck-Scott lives in Woodward, Oklahoma and has loved being in and around the water from an early age, learning to swim at the age of three. She spent a lot of time in the summer at the pool and going to the lake and is a certified SCUBA diver. 

In 2021 Brandi became the proud mom of a little boy and saw his natural love for the water. She wanted to ensure that he knew how to respond if he should find himself in a potentially dangerous situation. When he turned 7 months old Brandi enrolled him in survival swimming lessons with Ms. Tami. After seeing how much he learned in just a few weeks, she knew she had made the right decision. When Tami approached Brandi about teaching lessons in Woodward, Brandi jumped at the opportunity. 

In September 2023 Brandi spent six weeks of intense hands-on training with Judy Heumann, the owner and founder of Infant Aquatics. The training included over 100 hours of in and out of water skills with focus on psychology, physiology and child development as well as survival swim lesson techniques. 

Brandi's goal is to teach children the skills to rescue themselves and to develop confident swimmers that respect the water. Brandi will be teaching exclusively in Woodward, Oklahoma and will teach refreshers, survival swimming lessons, stroke lessons and group lessons. 
In 2018 Tami moved to Weatherford, Oklahoma to start a new position as CEO of the Great Plains Family YMCA.  In the first summer as a new CEO, two children drowned in backyard pools in the small town of only 12,000 residents.  She was DEVISTATED, knowing she had so many years of aquatics experience, had taught 1000's of swimming lessons and yet,  had arrived in town too late to prevent these terrible tragedies.  It was at that time she decided that the YMCA needed to make more of an effort to prevent childhood drownings.  In the coming years Tami hired and trained multiple individuals who all helped increase awareness of drowning and prevention strategies, she also helped to train the lifeguard staff and educate on layers of protection.  However, that didn't feel like enough and she felt a personal calling to be more hands on.  In addition to her CEO role, Tami began teaching survival swimming lessons.  Since being hands on, her efforts have intensified and she has become more focused on preventing drownings.  For this reason, she started JUMP Infant Aquatics.

Sometimes, perhaps later in life, you begin to realize that you must actively pursue what you were called to do.  In educating parents, training lifeguards and teaching swimming lessons to prevent drownings, Tami believes she is doing her life's mission.
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