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A day at Wake Zone Cable Park

Summer is winding down and I am late to post our latest water adventure. From a very young age, I was in the boat, water skiing and loving my lake life. My children have also been fortunate to develop a love for the lake and all things water. When we moved to Oklahoma that lake experience came to a bit of an end. During the summer I get this feeling of missing my family and our lake days. The hotter the weather got, the more depressed I became, and the more I longed to be at the lake.

I had no idea that there is a place in Oklahoma City called Wake Zone Cable Park that is located on Lost Lake. Not only do they have an aqua park with all kinds of giant inflatables, they also have a wake board park that is operated by cables. It is an incredibly unique lake with activities and food. Perhaps the best part about it, is the feel of family. I was at the bar having a drink, enjoying their food and I struck up a conversation with the owner as he was holding his baby. That is when it struck me. Boating and activities of this kind are unique and have such a relaxed, fun atmosphere. It felt like home.

In terms of water safety, there is no lifeguard on duty in any part of the lake. However, everyone is required to wear a life jacket and they do have water watchers. The inflatables cause an obstruction of vision and generally it isn’t the best idea for young kids to do this without their parents in the water utilizing touch supervision. The cable park is very structured, as one person starts and then the next and the next go, creating clean, visible lines for supervision. However, if you fall, you have to swim to the edge of the lake with your wakeboard, so generally it isn’t a great idea to do this unless you can comfortable swim a distance of at least 25 yards.

If you haven’t been to Wake Zone Cable Park, I highly recommend you go. The feel of family, relaxed lake atmosphere, fun activities and supporting environment make it my first choice for water fun.

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