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Pool Pumpkin Patch

Summer is definitely considered the "swim season" and I get it. Summer is when you are in and around the water the most. Parents tend think of swimming lessons in the summer season. However, swim lesson season is year round. Children can drown in less than an inch of water and that means that the bathtub, a ditch, a small creek or even a puddle all put your child at risk of drowning. So while the idea of attending swim lessons in fall or winter doesn't sound as welcoming as summer lessons, I encourage you to reconsider it.

Recently, I traveled to Woodward, Oklahoma to teach swimming lessons in September and October. It was hard on the parents and the children as the juggled going back to school, fall sports and all of the other stuff that comes with the changing season. However, every child learned how to float on their back while fully clothed and the children that could walk learned to swim-float-swim. It was awesome!

When you are able to attend swim lessons in the fall season, you are also able to experience the very cool, pool pumpkin patch. Special t

hanks to the NW Inn for being so accommodating and allowing us to utilize their pool for lessons. Also a big thanks goes out to Kenny Farms for their donation of pumpkins. If you have not been to Kenny Farms, I encourage you to check it out.

With the pool and the pumpkins, children were able to use their last lessons to swim, enjoy the water and parents learned how to launch and catch their children. Sometimes when you do things out of season, you get unexpected surprises. I would like to think the pool pumpkin patch was one of them.

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