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Tami was truly phenomenal with our three year old Riley. Riley definitely resisted at first but she LOVES it now and has made so much progress. I have been thoroughly impressed.  Tami has become a main character in our pretend play throughout the day.  I'm taking swim practice on the bedroom floor, swim practice outside and swim practice with her dolls.  I can hear her say "kick, kick, kick, GOOD" on the monitor during nap time and it makes me smile every time I hear it. Tami's enthusiasm and positive energy was infectious and always engaging for Riley.

Tami was an amazing swim instructor for my daughter.  Huntley looked forward to getting in the water because she was smiling and excited to work with her every morning.  Tami makes an effort to build a trusting relationship with her students. After working with Tami only 10 times my 17 month old was able to swim-float-swim.  I would strongly recommend Tami as a Survival Swim Instructor.

This might be hard for some to watch, but it gives me piece of mind. Tami has done a great job with our girls and I couldn't be happier with the progress they have made.

This last week of Infant Survival Swim class for B. She has been a little champ through the whole process. Tami has been ABSOULTELY AMAZING and we will never be able to thank you enough for giving out little girl the skills she needs to possibly save her own life.  

C has been doing Infant Survival Swim classes at the YMCA and I am so proud of his progress.  He's never been scared of the water and he's not afraid to jump off of all the things so I am thankful he has the skills to be able to do all of those things and be safe in the water! HIGHLY RECOMMEND these lessons Tami is so good at what she does.
Look at B go. I absolutely love watching him learn how to respect the water and to help himself if he ever got in
a bad situation. Yes, he cries but 99% of it is because I'm not holding him (if you have been around us lately you would understand). Last night while taking a bath he kept laying back in the water and he would let him
self float. He can touch both sides of the tub and the bottom but he would move his hands away and just float. No crying at all. I know he is save and Tami has the proper training so the crying doesn't bother me. 

Tami is an amazing instructor and has so much patience with these kids. If you have a young child in your life you should really look at survival swim lessons for them. 10 minutes out of your day is doable and is NOT a waste of time.
C is halfway through survival swim class with JUMP Infant Aquatics! Miss Tami makes something that could be scary so fun! She gets so excited to go to swim each day. She has already learned sooo much. I can't wait to see what skills she masters over the next few weeks. 
Having Tami come to teach in Woodward is such a benefit for the kids in our community. 
~ Jada
On Sunday R finished his survival swimming lessons and we are so proud of him! From the first day to the last day is seriously unbelievable. Thank you Tami for coming out to NW Oklahoma and teaching our kids such a life saving technique. She will be back so if you're interested reachou and follow her page JUMP Infant Aquatics. 

I promise you....worth it!  I can wait for T to there with her. 
~ Sara
So proud of this little fish! She was super scared to leave the steps at the beginning of the summer. Some refresher lessons with Ms. Tami and she's killing it!
~ Leslie
B's last day of his 6 week survival swim lessons is here! We are sad it's over, but impressed at just how much he has been taught and learned in such a short time. Tami is really just magical! We appreciate you, and can't wait for some maintenance lessons and YAY no floats this summer at the pool.
~ Breann

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