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What ages of children do you teach?mWe teach children from 6 months old to adults.

What do you teach?

We teach survival swimming, traditional swimming lessons, stroke refinement, as well as other lesson types including lifeguarding, mermaid classes, etc. We can basically teach whatever you need.


Survival Swimming Lessons Children that are 6 months and rolling both ways will be taught how to rollback, float, rest and breathe (while fully clothed). This allows them to save themselves if they should accidentally fall into the water.


Children that have been walking for 3 months will learn to swim-float-swim, as well as how to rollback, float, rest and breathe (while fully clothed). This allows them to swim to a safe exit point and/or float and wait for someone to find them if they should accidentally fall into the water.

Traditional Swimming Lessons Once a child has graduated from survival swimming lessons, we move into more traditional swimming lessons. This includes adding arms to their flutter kick, and teaching backstroke. We continue to teach as long at they are developmentally ready to learn.


Stroke Refinement We teach all 4 competitive strokes, when the children are developmental ready.


Lifeguard Class (pre-lifeguard preparation) We teach pre-lifeguarding strokes and skills so youth can prepare for the lifeguard class.•We can conduct the prerequisites and/or train for the prerequisites for the lifeguarding class, so the youth is confident when they enter the class.We can conduct lifeguarding classes for organizations with a pool 25 yards in length and at least 9 feet deep.


Mermaid Classes We teach mermaid classes for individuals and groups (mermaid tails not provided).

What is the length of the lessons and the session?

Survival Swim lessons are 10-minutes in length and run Monday-Thursday or Monday-Friday, depending on the instructor and the session. Each session lasts 22-24 lessons.

Traditional lessons can be scheduled for different lengths of time (generally 10-20 minutes) and on different days as per the instructor’s availability.

Other Classes are scheduled based on the instructor and participant availability. Is a 10-minute survival swim lesson long enough to teach my child the skills? Yes, not only do the lessons move at a fast pace, but children also have a limited attention span to learn new skills and focus.

What do I have to pay at the time of registration?

When you register for lessons, you will be required to pay a $50.00 registration fee and the amount of 5 days of lessons. The remaining money is due on the Thursday prior to the start of the swim session.

What does the registration fee include?

The registration fee covers the cost of the scheduler, the health history check, and includes a small gift with purchase. In 2024 the gift was a book that was written by Jump Owner, Tami Kellar. In other years, it may be something else. Please note the registration fee is non-refundable.

What does the cost of the lessons include?

When you buy a survival swim session, you are paying for your child to get a specific set of skills. Therefore, when you commit and buy a session, you are guaranteed that the instructor will keep teaching your child until they get the skills.

How much do the lessons cost?

The rate of lessons depends on the instructor, location, pool fee and other factors. To get the specific cost for your location, please contact Tami Kellar, at 541.990.8833. Please call to get the specific price of lessons. Fees paid during registration are non-refundable.

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