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What are Survival Swim Lessons? Survival Swim Lessons teach the most essential survival skill, the ability to roll from a face down position to a face up position, rest, float and breathe for an indefinite period of time, regardless of the depth of the water. 

Why Survival Swimming Lessons?  Children are naturally drawn to water.  Despite the best efforts of the parents, it only take one head turn before an accident has occurred.  The techniques taught by Infant Aquatics instructors teach your baby or toddler how to rollback and safe themselves.  Further, Survival Swim Lessons teach children to float in weeks not years, allow you to take control of your child's safety, and add a layer of protection when around a body of water.

Why choose Jump Infant Aquatics?  Your child's swim lesson experience should be empowering and provide lasting water skills.  But to teach skill acquisition the right way for each child, at the proper pace, to the highest degree, integrating work and play- takes experience, passion and expertise.  This is what sets Tami and Brandi with Jump Infant Aquatics apart from other instructors and other swim schools.  

How long do the lessons last? Lessons last up to 10 minutes depending on the child's needs.  They run 4-6 weeks in length and 4-5 days each week.  It is important to register for lessons at a time when your schedule allows for maximum attendance. 

Is there a registration fee and what is the cost?  A registration of $50.00 and approximately 5 swimming lessons is required to secure your child's spot in swimming lessons, that fee goes towards your swim lesson session.  Swim lessons sessions must be paid in full at the start of the swim session. 

Do you offer refunds?  Refunds are only given if the child has a medical issue that prevents attendance. Refunds are not given on the registration fee or the first week of the session. If you have paid for the entire session, start the session and decide to leave in the middle of a session, no refund will be provided. 

Do you offer make-up classes?  If a child is learning the skills and has not fallen behind on account of missing lessons, Make-up classes will not be offered. If the child has fallen behind and need additional classes to complete the skills and the parent gives advanced notice, all efforts will be make to continue teaching until your child has acquired the needed skills.


Do you offer make-up classes when lessons get canceled due to weather? If a lesson is canceled due to weather, every effort will be made to make up that lesson. If lessons run Monday-Friday, the make-up lesson will be Saturday, if lessons run Monday-Thursday, lessons will be made up on Friday. 

What if my child doesn't like it?  Your child may not like every aspect of swimming lessons just like your child may not like being secured in a car seat or wearing a helmet when they ride their bike.  Survival Swim Lessons teach life saving skills that will protect the child if the worst should happen.  Stick with the lessons despite their possible objection, you will be happy you did.

Can I watch my child's lesson?  Yes, we have space on the pool desk for you to watch.  You are welcome to watch the lessons at all times.

Can I record or take pictures of my child's lesson?  You can take pictures and video of the lesson with the instructor approval.  The last thing we want is to scare other parents by showing misunderstood video.  

What should I feed my child prior to the lesson?  Because children often drink the water during swim lessons, we ask that you feed your child nothing but carbohydrates prior to the lessons and nothing 2 hours before the lesson.  

What should my child wear to lessons?  Your child should wear approved swim diapers to their lesson. The Happy Nappy swim diaper, is the first choice of our swim instructors. 

How do I know that Survival Swim Lessons are right for my child and I?  Survival Swim Lessons are RIGHT for every child.  They save children's lives.  However, they may not be right for every parent.  Parent's need to support their child, be positive about the experience and not apologize for enrolling in the lessons.  Parent's need to feel good about their decision and if they don't, they probably are not the right choice for you.  

What is your guarantee?  Jump Infant Aquatics guarantees your child will be able to rollback, rest, float and breathe (while fully clothed) if your child attends all of their scheduled lessons.  If your child does not achieve the desired skills, the instructor will continue to teach the child, without additional fees, until they have acquired the survival skills. However, due complicated teaching schedules, parents will need to be flexible with the day, time and location of the continued lessons. 

Will you come to us and provide lessons in our backyard?  If time allows, it is possible to teach lessons in a backyard pool.  However, miles and travel time will result in an additional charge.


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